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1.0 Marina del Rey Boat Parade | About

The Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade is the largest and most spectacular boat parade in Southern California, the parade was formed by the boat culture community within The Marina Del Rey City in 1963. The Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade non-profit organization is dedicated to offering the Los Angeles Community a glimpse of the boat culture and lifestyle bringing families and friends together to celebrate Christmas by the beach and enjoy the beautiful light-decorated boat parade.

We are excited to announce our 60th-Annual Holiday Parade this year and our collaboration with Avozar LLC in creating, producing, and redefining this historical event experience. Our goal is to celebrate with our families and friends and our Los Angeles community within a reacher and more meaningful experience. Together we will continue to reinforce this cultural event delighting our city and our county.

Event Day: Dec 10th, 2022

2022/12/10 00:00:00

2.0 Event Properties | Areas

There are 4 main Event Areas, and the crowd moves along the walking path enjoying the boat parade from every angle around the marina port.



Main Event Area.

11 Hours: 10:00 Am – 5:55 Pm

People stay until 9:00 pm

Area: 500’ x 1000’ 

Community Entertainment

Crowd: 7000+-



Walk Path Area.

10 Minutes:  5:55 Pm – 6:05 Pm

Area: 1.7 Linear Miles Visibility

Walk Path; 1 Mile

Beaches: (2) 900’x200’

Crowd: 4000+-



Entire Event Areas.

2.5 Hours: 6:05 Pm – 9:30 Pm

Area: 3 Linear Miles  | Boats: 200 +-

Half Loop: 1.55 mi  | Full Loop: 3.0 mi

Full Loop Time: 1Hrs | Event loops:: 2

Crowd Total: 25,000+-



Killer Shrimp Venue.

5.5 Hours: 8:30 Pm – 2:00 Am

Venue: Killer Shrimp Restaurant

Area: 10,000 SF+-

VIP Party & Gifting

Attendees: 500+-

Total Event Day Audience  | Attendance, and Online

Total Event Day Audience: 32,000+-

Event Attendance: 25,000+-

Organic Online Impression: 7000+-

3.0 Event Program | Activities

The Event Properties taken place in the four areas all activations and installations are specifically created to entertain our community and create lasting relationships with the sponsor brands, essentially delivering leads to the sponsor’s marketing campaigns,

Ultimately, we want to contribute a great experience to the public by using corporate brands that will highlight our city and incorporate an exciting community-friendly experience that becomes another great entertainment icon of Los Angeles cities and our County.



Main Event Area.

  • Raffles Registration
  • All-day Live Music Performances
  • Food, Drinks
  • Raffles, Giveaways, Tasting
  • Family, Friends, Kids Activities



Walk Path Area.

  • Beach Activities
  • Fireworks by the beach
  • Fun Activities
  • Raffles
  • Food



Entire Event Areas.

  • Boat Parade 200-300 boats
  • Boat Contest & Ceremonies
  • Special Guest Ceremonies



Killer Shrimp Venue.

  • Giveaways
  • Live Music
  • Photo Opps

4.0 Inventory of Assets | Available Now

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Be part of our online 2 month pre-event advertising campaign and get brand exposure.

Event Day Social Media Content, Branding Areas, Branded Giveaways, make your brand be part of the 60th Annual Boat Parade.

The Pos-event online campaign will run for 6 months after the event exposing your brand to millions of people in Southern California.

5.0 Audience | Demographics

Audience Demographics summary, demographics are still in the process of getting the details more precisely accurate, set up a meeting for details.

4.1 | Basic Quantitative Data

Audience Base 25K+- (+7K Online)

Men: 9,000

Women | 12,000

Children | 4000

New Comers | 2000

Families | 13,000

Single | 7,000

Couples | 5000

4.2 | Socio-Economic Group “SEG”

Occupations and  Salaries | Economic Data (32K)

A Higher Management | 250K + 
M: 1000 | W: 1000

B Middle Management | 100K-250K 
M: 3000 | W: 2000

C1 White-Collar | 100K – 150K 
M: 3000 | W: 4000

C2  Blue Collar  | 70K – 120K 
M: 3000 | W: 3000

D Semi-skilled  | 30K – 70K P/Y
M: 1000 | W: 3000

E Unemployed | OK – 50K P/Y
M: 1000 | W: 1000

4.3 | Psychographic

Opinions, Beliefs, Values, and Interests (32K)

1 Resigner | 4000

2 Struggler | 1000

3 Mainstreamer | 11,000

4 Aspirer | 4000

5 Succeeder | 6000

6 Explorer | 3000

7 Reformer | 300

Total Event Day Audience  | Attendance, and Online

Total Event Day Audience: 32,000+-

Event Attendance: 25,000+-

Organic Online Impression: 7000+-